Friday, June 8, 2012

The Sweetest Lady....I Never Met

 A few months ago I called my friend, Marian Congleton. 
For my readers who will remember, Marian was
the wife of John Congleton, the co-pilot. 
Marian was not feeling very well, nothing serious
she assured me, just didn't feel like herself.
I promised her I'd call back in a week or two. 
Well, I never would make that call.
Several weeks ago I received a FaceBook message
from Kristen, her granddaughter, sadly informing
me that Gammie had passed away at her home
perhaps in the early morning hours.
My heart went out to Kristen and her family, but
especially to Kristen who had been shouldering so
much of the family responsibility since the death
of her dad just a few months ago.   Her Gammie was
like a mother and a grandmother all rolled into one.

As for me, I had just begun to know Marian. 
It had taken me almost a year to find her whereabouts.
I knew she lived in Kentucky.  With only a few small
details though and a lot of cold calling I found a relative
that supplied me with her phone number.
I remember in our first conversation she shared with me
how much she enjoyed hearing from my father when
he would call, and how much it meant to John
when he would call as his health declined.

Marian was part of that "Great Generation" that
endured the hardships of the Great Depression,
a young bride in the midst of a world war.  Her
legacy will be one of sacrifice, hard work, and
her unfaltering faith.

It is those values that will be our foundation to
which we will build future generations. 

Having her in my life for such a brief time will always
be special.    She was the sweetest lady....I never met.           

In memory of Marian

Marian and John Congleton
Lee, Marian, Kristen

Marian with her grandbabies

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