Saturday, December 24, 2011


In the early morning hours of December 25th,
1922, the bells of St. Mary's Catholic Church
rang their bells throughout the sleepy small
town of Yazoo City, Mississippi proclaiming
the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
But perhaps for my grandparents, Charles and Anne
Estes, the bells were also welcoming into the
world, their new-born son, Charles Henry Estes,
 just as midnight mass at St. Mary's was ending.
He was...a Christmas Baby...a very special
baby indeed. 

To me, Christmas babies are like little
Christmas angels given to us by God
every year to deliver the message
of  'Peace on Earth Good Will  to Men',  
a message my Father delivered throughout
his life.   He had a kind and gentle soul
and  was a good friend to all that knew him.
He placed little importance on expensive
things, but rather concentrated on what
mattered the most:  being a good family man,
a good friend, and a good steward to our Lord.
It is these very qualities that he has passed down
to my brothers, my sister and myself, and in turn,
for us to pass onto our families.     
Christmas has and will always be a very
special time of year for me.  The memories
of my parents, my brothers, Larry and Chuck,
and my sister, Hope, filled our home
with much love, joy and happiness  for many,
many Christmases.
The Christmas presents I cherish
the most are the ones hidden in
my heart...those childhood memories
of Christmases from long ago...

Happy Birthday Papa

Merry Christmas...Liz Bacher