Friday, January 14, 2011

Luck Perhaps..But I'd Rather Believe It Was Fate

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I found this letter tucked away among
the many letters that my dad wrote home.
It was a letter from Papa's good friend
and his navigator, Bob Swain.
He had visited my dad in Yazoo and
this was the letter he wrote thanking
them for his visit.
For many, many years my parents
and the Swains' stayed close friends,
attending the 98th Reunions
and visiting each other in their homes.
Now after all these years I have been
able to reconnect with Robin Swain,
Bob's wife, and have enjoyed so much
our telephone calls with one another.
Her girls, Sue and Cathy are now my
Face Book friends.

Perhaps it was just luck that brought
us all together after all these many years...
but I'd rather believe fate had a hand in it too.
Elizabeth Estes Bacher

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