Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Child

My Father was born on Christmas Day and today he
would have been 88 years old. It was a day he regarded
with great reverence, and he was both humbled and
honored to share it with our Lord and Saviour.

I was thinking about that today as I spent the day
with my family. To be born on Christmas Day carries
with it a little extra responsibility giving you perhaps
an added prospective in how you view the world and
how you live it day to day. My dad always seemed
to understand that and I greatly admired him for it.
The values he gave to me and my brothers and sister
are now a part of our lives and will be shared with
our children and grandchildren and their children.
So in that sense he continues to live in us and we
in him.

Now I have heard it said that a person's life is
measured in not how much he loves but rather
how much he is loved by others. And if that
is Father was a very rich man because
he was loved and adored by so many.

His memory lives on within us.... Happy Birthday Papa!!!

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