Sunday, July 11, 2010

We have landed in Tunisia

(Continuation of Captain Charles Estes's War Memoirs)

"Anyway, the next day we were briefed on our little trip
to Tunisia. Now when we took off we were flying over
the north tip of the north part of Africa, and we went
over these deserts that the 98th Bomb Group had flown
its missions, the low level missions or high level missions
to Ploesti; it was a very historic flight for me.

We landed in Tunisia and they had a bay out from Tunisia,
and it was full of ships that had been sunk. I mean, it
just looked like cardboard: all kinds of boats, all sizes and
everything else. The German's had sunk 'em, they were
probably American ships. Well anyway, we saw our
first camels there and there was a sergeant that had a
jeep, and he asked some of us if we wanted to ride around
and look at Tunisia; and that was a great opportunity
for us except that we didn't, any of us, have a camera.
He carried us by one house and he said there was a
sheik that lives in that house and he married an
American girl. She was with the Red Cross, a nurse
with the Red Cross. Well, I couldn't imagine an
American girl wanting to marry an Arabic sheik, but
I'm sure it must have had some advantage to it or she
wouldn't have married him.

Well, we -- after our little trip of sightseeing and seeing
camels and everything else, we were taken to a place
where we would spend the night, and the next morning
we were briefed on a trip that would take us to
Gioia, Italy; that's where we were to leave our plane,
so we knew we were very close to the end of our trip.
And the next day we got on the plane and took off and
ol' Swain told us how to get there, and we made our
way to Gioia, Italy."
(To be Continued)

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