Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Crew is Born

Crew of the 415th Bomb Squadron of the 98th Bomb Group
Kneeling from the left: Sgt. John Norris, lower ball gunner;
Sgt. Red Cochran, waist gunner; Sgt. Harry Henry, tail gunner;
Sgt. Raphael Gonyea, turret gunner and radioman; Don Brown;
Top row from left: Captain Charles Estes, Jr., pilot; Sgt. Frank
Delois, flight engineer and waist gunner; John Walter Congleton,
copilot; Bob Swain, navigator. (not pictured - Walter Scott, Lt. Jim
Mulligan and Lt. Ernie Swanson, bombadier and Lt. Joe Dobkin,
2nd navigator. )

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