Friday, March 5, 2010

My WWII Memoirs: By Charles H. Estes, Jr.

"Elizabeth, I'm going to try and chronicle my life to you
and my war experiences in hopes that you can
make something out of it, and possibly fill in
in a little few places and write us a book.

I suppose the first place that I should start is
when I was born. I was born on Jefferson
Street in Yazoo City, Mississippi. The year
was 1922. It was a cold night, the stars were
bright. My father recalls when I first came into
the world screaming and scratching and kicking
that the Roman Catholics were making their
way home from the midnight service at the
church, so that would indicate that I was born
on Christmas Day, 1922.

My father was Charles Henry Estes, Sr. My
mother was Annie Calvert Estes, and she came
from the Payne family, P-a-y-n-e. She was real
great with a needle and thread so her little boy
never failed to have cute little gowns and clothes,
and I looked like a young king most of the time
growing up because she just lavished all her
love on me.

Well, I wasn't a good student in school. I was
average I suppose, but never above average.
I made it through high school and graduated
with my class in the Class of 1940. I think that
there were about 60 of us then."
(To be continued.)

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  1. Liz, this is very interesting! My great grandmother on my mother's side is Edith E. Calvert, born in Meigs Co. Ohio on April 13, 1862. Family lore says our lineage goes back to Lord Baltimore. Maybe we are related!