Saturday, March 20, 2010

Basic Training - Courtland, Alabama

(Continuation of Captain Charles Estes's Memoirs)

"After I had finished my primary training
and graduated from primary training, I was
sent to basic training and that was in
Courtland, Alabama; it wasn't 50 miles away.

And there I was introduced to a low wing
airplane; it was -- there was two types of
PT-13 -- a BT-13 -- excuse me-- basic trainer
and a BT-15. Now this plane had flaps on it and it was a terribly noisy plane, but soon I was able to solo in it and go on cross-countries and do things that I was required to do in basic training.

Well, each one of these places that I went like for primary training and for basic training I would imagine that I got about
30 hours, so I had about 60 hours of
flying time now. "

(To be Continued.)

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